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Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy services in Chelmsford - Essex

Hypnotherapy Clinic set in peaceful surroundings in the lovely village of Danbury, near Chelmsford. Offering a warm friendly & completely non judgemental service to clients in the Chelmsford and Essex area.


Welcome to Hypnotherapy Choice near Chelmsford, Essex. Thank you for visiting, I hope you will find all the information you need on the site but if not please feel free to contact me. Hypnotherapy is a fascinating subject and you will be amazed at how easy it is to deal with all kinds of problems both physical and emotional using this method of treatment. Below you will find just some of the things hypnotherapy can help with:-

Virtual Gastric Banding  - weight loss without surgery

Imagine being able to feel as though you are full up after eating only small amounts of food and just watch that weight drop off. This can be achievable with virtual gastric banding using hypnotherapy. Your sub conscious mind is reprogrammed into believing that you have actually undergone an operation. See how Gastric Banding can achieve weight loss without the need for surgery.

Weight Loss

So many people struggle with diets and exercise programmes and still cannot manage to lose those extra pounds. Hypnotherapy offers you a way to re-programme your thinking in relation to food making weight loss easy and achievable. You could begin to let Hypnotherapy help with weight loss right away by visiting my Clinic in Danbury near Chelmsford.

Smoking Cessation (stop)

Stopping smoking can be very difficult for some people and if they fail to break the habit they are left with feelings of guilt and disappointment. Hypnotherapy can help you to quit, eliminating the need to replace the habit with eating. If you really want to quit smoking try this alternative method.

Stress Relief

We live in a very stressful world and many of us don’t take enough time out to relax and unwind. The stress builds up in our body and can lead to health problems so it’s of great importance to release that build up. Find out more about taking positive steps to relieve stress with hypnotherapy & EFT.

Confidence & Self Esteem

There can be a whole host of reasons why people lack self confidence and suffer from low self esteem, this often holds them back from enjoying life to the full and taking opportunities as they come along. Confidence can be restored using Hypnotherapy even when levels of self esteem are at their lowest. Now could be the time to restore your confidence with Hypnotherapy and make a fresh start.
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