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Previous client testimonials


" I cannot thank Gina enough for how much she has helped me. I first went to her for help with my weight and eating problems. I had tried so many other ways to lose weight and control my eating but I had started to fail at every attempt. I had become so desperate and miserable, depressed with how I saw myself and felt about myself. It had affected my whole life and I felt like I was just existing.

Gina listened and understood me straight away, she was so easy to talk to and I felt in a very safe, relaxing place with her, in her beautiful surroundings of the garden and cabin. Gina took time to find out what could be causing my eating problems, how I felt and what I would like to achieve, not just with my weight but life in general.

Following my first hypnosis, I felt that I went home a totally different person. I no longer craved foods, my tastes had changed and I only wanted to eat healthily and make good choices. Not only that, but I felt that I valued myself as a person more and had motivation to make changes in my life. The stresses of how I felt about myself and what was happening and had happened in my life had calmed and it was a revelation to feel so free and relieved.

After four appointments, I have got to the stage that I will only need Gina’s help to top up if and when I need it. I feel like I have a totally new life, that I have come alive again after living in a dull dream. I now have motivation to pursue a different career and enjoy my hobbies, enjoying time with my family and friends with confidence. I have lost weight which I can tell in my clothes, and friends are noticing and complimenting me. They say I also have an aura of calmness and happiness around me, like a glow. That’s just how I feel. "

CH - Maldon

" I have known Gina since 2008 and I can honestly say that whatever life throws at me Gina has always been my hypnotherapy CHOICE! Recently I had an operation on my hand under local anaesthetic and was very anxious . After having hypnosis with Gina, I managed to take myself to my special place, instantly! The surgeon was amazed and said I was the best patient he had seen, in asking my secret I told him of my special place which happened to be on the beach at the end of a hot day with a glass of wine! Ended up taking the whole surgeon team with me! Gina enables you to discover the tools within yourself to deal with things in life that you feel are out of control. You can tell her anything and she totally understands and accepts. I would recommend Gina 100%, it does take time and can be emotional, I say it's like a gym workout but for your inner self, mind and soul but the results are priceless and Gina to me is one in a million. Being with Gina is effortless and like coming home."

AL - Maldon

" I had been suffering with anxiety for a long time and I saw Georgina's advert for hypnotherapy so thought I'd give it a try. I was a bit nervous at first but I had no need to feel like that, from the moment I stepped into Georgina's clinic I felt relaxed, she made me feel completely at ease. Being hypnotised was a really nice experience I had never felt so relaxed in my whole life. After only a couple of sessions my anxiety was gone and I am now able to lead a normal life. I still like to go and see Georgina from time to time to have a relaxation session as it is so calming. I thoroughly recommend Georgina she has really helped me."

RG - Maldon

" I took my son to see Gina, as he had some problems in his first year of senior school. He had bottled up his emotions and suddenly we were faced with an emotional crisis and lack of confidence. There were a number of issues, which included verbal bullying at school. We had a number of sessions with Gina and they all helped. She was so patient and understanding, and had such a calming voice, that she gained his confidence and he was able to discuss his anxieties and problems with her.
We often use her tranquil words (from the website) to help calm us at stressful times. Gina is a lovely warm person and I would thoroughly recommend her and hypnotherapy to anyone."

AS - Chelmsford

" I visited Gina whilst in a very dark place following the sudden breakdown of my marriage. I had been advised by a mental health practitioner to seek help in the form of hypnotherapy. I attended my first session knowing i needed help but very sceptical about hypnotherapy, Gina explained everything very clearly and we embarked on what can now best be termed "A life changing series of sessions" I am now in a MUCH happier MUCH healthier place thanks to Gina's help and guidance! If you are reading this trying to decide if hypnotherapy is for you, my best advice would be Give It A Chance!!! If You need it to work and you allow it to work, The results can be truly amazing AND Life changing!! I cannot overstate the contribution it has made to my progress!! "

DW - Chelmsford

" My anxiety and fear of vomiting had become so bad towards the end of last year, that I was barely able to live a normal functional life. I was unable to work and enjoy social activities. I was practically a prisoner in my own home. After seeking help from Georgina, I felt better from the very first session. She used EFT and hypnotherapy with regression and, although it was a very emotional journey, I knew I was getting stronger week by week. Now my anxiety has all but vanished and my phobia is under control. I am working again and enjoying life. For the first time in a very long time, I feel I can look forward instead of over my shoulder!
Many thanks Georgina, I couldn't have done it without your help. "

JS - Chelmsford

" Although I’ve been skiing for a few years now I’ve always been terrified of heights and going too fast which prevented me from improving. After just three sessions with Gina I went on my annual ski holiday and did not feel sick with fear once, not only that but I skied better than ever before as I had the confidence to go faster. It’s as if the ‘real’ me has been found and I can ski as I’ve always known I could if I hadn’t been so afraid. It was a little strange on the first day as I could hear her voice telling me it would be okay – parts of what Gina had said to me during our sessions came back, clear as anything. Hope that doesn’t sound too freaky but it worked unbelievably so I am very grateful! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gina to anyone, and will return if I find there are other areas of my life that need some help."

HM - Chelmsford

" I have used Gina Ablitt’s hypnotherapy to help me with an obsession with eating chocolate. After just a couple of sessions I was relaxed and able to completely, and without knowingly, turn away from any thoughts or cravings for chocolate; I was over the moon, it has saved me a fortune and the spots are gone!
However, it didn't stop there, entirely of my own doing, I asked Gina to continue with the hypnotherapy and in particular regression. I am a new person, changing for the better, able to cope with anxieties and address lack of confidence in certain areas. I am so glad I found her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

SC - Little Baddow

" I went to see Georgina for hypnosis as I had been going through a very stressful period in my life, at first I admit I was sceptical about hypnosis but I have to say that I am so glad I went as I now feel I am able to deal with any stressful situation, I feel calm and somehow things just don't get on top of me anymore. "

JL - Danbury

" Hypnotherapy and EFT has changed my life. I used have a real lack of confidence, thanks to Georgina I now enjoy life and can face challenges which in the past stopped me from doing the things I wanted to do. Georgina was very understanding and I would thoroughly recommend her. "

KM - Chelmsford

" Having spoken to other women who had raved about using hypnosis through their labour, I still remained slightly sceptical but thought I'd give hypnosis a try for the birth of my first baby.

I planned to have a natural birth using water and hypnosis to manage the pain, avoiding the use of drugs which I believe upset the natural process of labour. Being rather anxious & scared of the pain, I had to overcome my fears and learn techniques to enable me to have the delivery I wanted. I had several sessions with Gina during my pregnancy which left me well prepared & confident that I could have a relatively comfortable delivery.

When labour started I was surprised at how calm & in control I felt, I knew that by using the techniques I had practised with Gina I would be able to remain relaxed & calm throughout.

Unfortunately we ended up having a caesarean but my baby & I were comfortable & calm throughout the 18 hour labour, despite her getting stuck!

Although things didn't go as we had planned, I feel that the hypnosis really helped me to manage the pain & remain calm & in control throughout my labour. I would recommend hypnosis to every pregnant woman!

My beautiful daughter is a very happy, contented baby who feeds and sleeps well, who could ask for more?! "

LG - Braintree
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